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How to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7

Without a doubt, Windows 7 was one of the best Windows OS to use. After that, when Windows 8 and 8.1 were released, people were disappointed with it. However, the next Windows version by Microsoft is surely the best version. You should surely consider upgrading from Windows 7 to 10. They kept on eye on all the things that people love about the Windows operating system. Before getting into how to upgrade from Windows 7 to 10. Let’s see why to upgrade to Windows 10 from 7.

Why upgrade to Windows 10 from 7
The first and the foremost reason why you should upgrade to Windows 10 from 7 is because of the security updates and support. Microsoft officially ended the mainstream support for Windows 7 back on Jan 13, 2015. However, the extended support will go on till 14th January 2020. So, you need to upgrade your operating system before that.
The next reason is because of the features and looks. Windows 10 has a lot of new features as well as the amazing new look that will steal your heart. You can easily upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 without any problems.

Things to get Ready
Before upgrading from Windows 7 to 10, you will need to do several things just to be safe.
• Make sure you have a backup of all the files of your computer before proceeding. There are not any kind of files lost during the installation process but it is always a better idea to be safe. Just in case something goes wrong.
• The second thing that you will need to check is if your Windows is activated. To know if your Windows version is activated, you will need to go to “Control Panel > Settings”. Alternatively, you can just run a search in the start menu with the keyword “Activated”.
• Remove, uninstall or pause any of the third party anti-viruses you are using. When you are upgrading to Windows 10 from 7, the installer will make changes on the main system files. Many of the anti-viruses will detect them as a virus. So, better uninstall them till the upgrade is completed.

Tools needed for Upgrading to Windows 10 from 7
Of course, you can’t directly upgrade the version of Windows. You will need to get a download Windows 10 Upgrade assistant to do the job.
You will see two tools in the link, one is if you want to directly upgrade to Windows 10 from 7 without creating installation medium. The other one is if you want an installation media and then upgrade. You can select one accordingly.

How to Upgrade from Windows 7 to 10
Method 1 (Using Upgrade tool)
First of all, we will see how to upgrade from Windows 7 to 10 using the upgrade tool available. Follow the steps carefully to know how to upgrade from Windows 7 to 10.
• Once the download is completed, open the tool.
• You will two options there, click on the first one that says “Upgrade this PC now”
• After clicking on it, you will see the license terms. You can read it and hit the accept button.
• On the next step, it will show you the default options that you have chosen. If you want to format your computer, you can change it by clicking on “Change what to keep”.
• When you click “Change what to keep”. Three different options will be given for you to select. If you want to keep everything as it is, select “Keep personal files and apps”. The next option will only keep your personal files and remove the application. The third option that says “Nothing” will remove all the data from your computer.
• Please note that after you click on the Install button, you won’t be able to use your computer till the upgrade completes.
• Once finished, you will be taken to the Windows 10 configuration screen.
• Congratulations, you are now using Windows 10

Method 2 (Using Media Creation Tool)
The second method is by using the Media Creation tool. Follow the steps to install using that tool.
• After the installation of the tool, open the tool.
• You will two option, select the second one that says “Create Installation Media”.
• Now, you will have to select the version, edition, and the architecture
• After clicking next, there will be two options.
• If you click on “ISO” an ISO file will be made in your system whereas if you click on “USB Flash drive” the Windows will be copied there. You will need a flash drive of at least 8 GB for this.
• Now, after this process, your Windows 10 will be ready as an ISO file or in USB flash drive as per the options you have chosen.
• You can run it as a bootable flash drive from the boot menu or you can just open the Media creation and look for the setup file.
• Once you have found the setup file, right click on it and click on “Run as administrator”.
• Your installation will begin and soon you will have Windows 10 on your Machine.

Now that you know the process of how to upgrade from Windows 7 to 10, you can install the Windows using any of the methods. It will ask for some configuration options when you install it. Before you see the welcome screen, you will need to check some options.
Privacy: First, they will ask if you want Windows to use your location and send some data in order to receive tips, and see the relevant ads.
Cortana: You surely have heard about Cortana. It is a digital assistant by Microsoft to help you out, you can turn her on right now or you can always do it later.
Apps: Lastly, they will show some apps you can install and use. You can select the one you like.

Up to you
That’s all. Now that you know how to upgrade from Windows 7 to 10. You should start upgrading as soon as possible. The time taken for Windows upgrade will depend on your internet connection if you are using the Upgrade assistant whereas it will depend on processing speed if you are doing it using a flash drive.


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