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This article outlines the steps to installing or reinstalling your Microsoft Windows Office 2016.

Head over to if you have a product key you are yet to redeem. Follow the same procedure if you have not yet associated your product key with a Microsoft account. Once you are logged on to the setup page, simply follow the directions for signing in and input your product key.

Log into your new or previously existing Microsoft account using the login details (email you provided and corresponding password linked to your Windows Office 2016 purchase). If you are unable to sign in for any reason, check to be sure your details are correctly typed in and that you are using the right information.

Once signed in, select “Install”. This action installs Office 32 bit version in your selected language. To install the 64 bit option, change the language. As the installation process is about to begin, you may see a message that reads “Stop, you should wait to install Office 2016”. Receiving this message means that Office has detected compatibility issues with something already installed on your PC. This could range from having an email account connected to an Exchange Server 2007 (or an even earlier version) etc. You would have to seek out and most probably disable or uninstall whatever is responsible to be able to continue the installation.

If your “Install” button is grayed out, try clicking the “Enter” key on your keyboard. If it does not work, check to see if your Office 365 subscription has expired. This is mostly the case. Renew subscription if expired.

If you have successfully detected and resolved the compatibility issue, depending on your browser, you may see Save File (if using Firefox), Setup (if using Chrome) or Run (for Internet Explorer). The installation should now begin and be completed once you see the following message “You’re all set! Office is installed now”. This is usually accompanied by an animated display showing you how to locate Office applications on your PC. Follow directions as prompted for more information on your area of interest. For example, click “Start”, then “All Apps”to see all applications.

You may commence using any application by selecting it in the app area of the PC by searching as described. Once the App is opened and license terms accepted (you will be prompted to accept), Office will be activated. In the event Office installation process seems to take longer than usual, check your internet connection. An effective internet connection will be required for a smooth installation process.

We have tried to cover troubleshooting for Office 2016 in this article as well as what a smooth installation process should be to ensure you have everything you need for a smooth as silk installation process. You may now enjoy your newly installed or reinstalled Office 2016.

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