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What’s The Difference between Windows 10 and Windows 8

Let’s face it! Microsoft has had to fight for its previously taken-for-granted, number one space on the PC operating system leader board as Apple and Linux recently tightened “belts” ready to give Microsoft a run for the money.

This has not been an easy feat for Microsoft to manage, as most people are happy to be able to remain connected to the world and work while away from the desk thorough the use of mobile devices. Microsoft has had to compete by creating new operating systems namely Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Windows 8 had some triumphs and well, some complaints, but they are still several happy Windows 8 users around the world even as you read. However, to keep users even more glued to the Microsoft side of life, Microsoft has had to make a lot of intriguing changes that reflect in the new Windows 10. Let’s go through some of them to see what all the fuss is about.

There are several improvements over Windows 8 in the new Windows 10; a unified app store, more options for Task View, Improved Command Prompt, Revised File Explorer and Icons.

As awesome as Windows 8 was, it lacked a few of our favorite Windows 10 “things” such as Start Menus, Spartan (new browser), Cortana (desktop personal assistant), multiple desktops and single platform for PCs, smart phones and tablets. These are all contained in Windows 10 making it a little more exciting than good, old Windows 8.


Single OS experience

The Windows 10 allows users to have a single operating system for all devices promising a seamless experience between devices. That definitely comes in handy.

The Return of the Start Menu

The Start Menu was missing in Windows 8 and eventually returned in Windows 8.1 as several users seemed to really miss it. You will find the Start button at the top right part or in taskbar at the bottom of your screen. Through the Start Menu you can access your frequently used apps, social media and news feeds personalized and easy to access, we like it!


The new Browser code named Spartan is unique to the Windows 8. Spartan has been designed for desktop PCs, smart phones and tablets. WebPages can be annotated by keyboard, pen drives or touch screen. There is built in support for PDF documents and an exciting reading mode that can save material for offline reading.

Multiple Desktops

The Windows 10 multiple desktop feature allows users to create two desktops with seamless transition of materials from one desktop to the other. Another great feature is the Windows 10 personal digital assistant named Cortana. Cortana is much like Siri (Apple) and can be integrated with desktops and tablets.

One Store experience

There is a unified app store for mobile devices and PCs with touch screens for up to 85 inches. This has allowed developers design an app that can run across all windows devices.


There is also simplified settings menu, a dedicated button for task view (in task bar), improved command prompt and revised file explorer and icons. Windows 10 certainly delivers and users are quite impressed!

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